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100 Australia

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100 Australia

100 Australia

This race was created in 2008 and runs at an altitude of 13,800 ft / 4,200 meters. It forms part of the prestigious "Ultra Trail World Tour" and is one of their toughest races, reserved for demanding Mostpointers. But the effort is worthwhile. The views that can be enjoyed from the "Blue Mountain National Park", a World Heritage site, are impressive. There are two distances: 100 k and 50 k, with a limit of 1,000 participants each. Both are valid to add a new Mostpoint to your profile.

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To join this Mostpoint you must complete the full course of any of the two distances within the deadline indicated for each of them. When you achieve it, upload a photo of yourself with your race number and finish medal.

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100 Australia

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Katoomba is about an hour and a half drive from Sydney by the "Great Western Highway". Take advantage of your stay there to discover the wonderful work that nature has done in the area. Do not miss the ride on the "Scenic Cableway". Oh, and you can also learn to throw a boomerang, although that's easy. The difficult thing is to get it back. Can you do it?

To participate you must be at least 18 years old on the day you run the 100 Australia.

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100 Australia

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