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Aconcagua Base Camp

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Aconcagua Base Camp

Aconcagua Base Camp

Of course ideal for those who will climb Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the West and South hemisphere, this trek is also a very good choice for those who want to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Andes and score an important South American mountain hiking Mostpoint. It starts at the entrance of the Aconcagua Natural Park in Quebrada de Horcones and passes the shelter area Los Pioneros for the Park Rangers at 2950 m / 9,678 ft. Then it follows the valley of Horcones and gets to Camp Confluence at 3390 m / 11,122 ft, where the routes split to the South Wall with Plaza de Francia and to the normal route North with Plaza de Mulas Aconcagua Base Camp at 4350 m / 14,272 ft, the objective of this route. Usually it takes at least 4 days to return but you can stay longer at base camp or complete the trek with hiking to the other base camp, Plaza de Francia. The return route is the same.

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Aconcagua Base Camp

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The capital of the Argentina region, Mendoza, is 170 km / 106 mi away and Santiago de Chile 160 km / 100 mi. There are also accommodations near the head of the trails.

You need to buy a permit to enter the park. You can obtain this permit on the official site of the Aconcagua Base Camp, or from authorised organisations mentioned on the site.

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Aconcagua Base Camp

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