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Airborne March

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Airborne March

Airborne March

The biggest one day march in the world, commemorating the Battle of Arnhem in 1944 and a tribute to more than 1,700 British and Polish soldiers who died and are buried at the Airborne cemetery in Oosterbeek.

In 1947 the first 'Airborne Walk" in which 2000 walkers participated was organized by the Police Sports Association Renkum,. With permission of Major-General RE Urquhart, commander of the 1st Airborne Division, the name was later changed to Airborne March, with the permission to use the Pegasus logo.

The walk has four distances: 10 / 6, 15 / 9, 25 / 15.5 and 40 / 25 km / mi, the latter just for individual walkers, and takes place on the first Saturday of September. The tour runs through a part of the Veluwe park with the rustic woods of Renkum and a wonderful view over the river Rhine. Nowadays tens of thousands of walkers from more than twenty countries participate in this walk. Only the distance of 40 km / 25 mi is valid as a MOSTPOINT.


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Take part and finish the Airborne March of 40 km / 25 mi, and upload pictures showing yourself at the beginning and at the end of the tour as well as one with the medal or wing that you receive after submission of a properly completed hiking stamp card.

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Airborne March

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During the hike you will pass several landmarks that are worth to have a look at later like the Airborne Museum, former headquarters Hotel Hartenstein; the Airborne cemetery; forests of the 'Bilderberg' where a fierce battle was fought in the war; the 'Old Church' gathering during the retreat in the war; landing areas where the airborne troops were dropped.

The net proceeds of the March will benefit several objectives: the soldiers who became disabled during the war, compensation to the survivors who have no means to come to the commemoration of the victims and other objects that fit into the idea of the Airborne March and meet the guidelines of the organization.

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Airborne March

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