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Airborne trail Market Garden

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Airborne trail Market Garden

Airborne trail Market Garden

A 220 km long trail from Lommel (Belgium) to Arnhem (Netherlands) in the footsteps of the Word War II Allied liberators. In September 2004, celebrating 60 years of liberation, this trail was opened during the liberation celebrations by the walking club OLAT.

The trail takes you past many places to commemorate the Allied advance, including monuments, military cemeteries, war museums and the many bridges where heavy fighting took place. But also pure hiking pleasure forms part of the trail: old farmers landscapes, river valleys, moors, sand dunes, meadows, forested moraines, historic towns and industrial heritage.

The route starts in Lommel (Belgium) at the war monument on the Church Square and ends in Arnhem (Netherlands) at the John Forst Bridge, famous for the movie "A bridge too far '. It runs through Bergeijk, Valkenswaard, Eindhoven, Son en Breugel, St. -Oedenrode, Eerde, Veghel, Uden, Zeeland, Graven, Heumen, Mook, Groesbeek, Beek, Nijmegen, Oosterhout, Driel, Heteren and Oosterbeek.

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Airborne trail Market Garden

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As already described above, there are many places of interest along the route, which certainly are worth to see while passing by or to come back to with some extra available time. Examples of these are the Water mill of Venberg in Valkenswaard, the small Willibrordus church in Waalre, de Paulushoef in Veghel, the Geronimo monument in Eerde, the Airborne monument and the three bridges in Veghel, museum Valkhof in Nijmegen, Doorwerth castle, Villa Hartenstein dat is now the Airborne Museum, and the Airborne cemetery in Oosterbeek.

A guide with detailed description of the route is available from the OLAT hiking club as well as from some tourist offices (VVV). You can download a stamp form from the OLAT website. The stamps are available along the route at connected establishments. For the remembrance certificate and logo, you must have a minimum of 8 stamps. The intention is that this path is extended to the landing beaches of 1944 in Normandy through existing GR paths through which a Peace Path to the Bridge of the Future (John Frost Bridge) is formed.

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Airborne trail Market Garden

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