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Antarctic Ice Marathon

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Antarctic Ice Marathon

Antarctic Ice Marathon

One of the toughest marathons and the Southernmost in the world. Imagine running the 42.195 km (26.219 mi) supporting the extreme conditions of the white continent, with temperatures that can reach -6 F /  -20° C. In return you get the beauty of glaciers and the Ellsworth Mountains cheering you throughout the tour. Adding socks and changing shirts for fleeces and warm clothes is worth the effort. The starting point for this adventure is Punta Arenas (Chile). From there you fly into "Union Glacier Camp", fully equipped and south of the Ellsworth Mountains camp. The competition takes place around it, in a stunning landscape covered by snow and ice.


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Antarctic Ice Marathon

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Take the opportunity to visit Punta Arenas, the main port between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans until the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914. A feature that made it a great cosmopolitan center of economic importance, with a legacy of European character that is left evident in its diverse architecture.

There is a select club called "The 7 Continents Marathon Club", with just over 100 athletes that exemplifies the adventurous spirit of running. If you want to join them, this event allows you to conquer the toughest of these marathons. Then you will only have to complete one in each of the other 6 continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Sure your feet have seen more than one but you will have to see if your wallet can manage.

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Antarctic Ice Marathon

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