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Ararat - Highest peak in Turkey

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Ararat - Highest peak in Turkey

Ararat - Highest peak in Turkey

Summit challenge Ararat. The highest mountain, and therefore the highest point, in Turkey stands in an arid steppe which occupies the northeast of the country. It is an inactive volcano of 5,165 m / 16,946 ft with eternal snows, located close to the borders with Iran and Armenia. The Ararat is deeply rooted in the history of that country. In fact, it is their national symbol. From the top and on a bright day you can clearly see the Armenian capital, Yerevan. However, geographically it belongs to Turkey.

Ascend does not involve technical difficulties but you may need crampons and ice axes to tackle the last stretch to the top. During the climbing season, from June to September, there are two base camps, one at 3,200 m / 10,500 ft and another at 4,200 m / 13,780 ft.

The conquest of this MOSTPOINT represents a valuable experience for all mountaineers, allowing you to enter one of the most legendary corners of this planet, discovering the secrets of the Kurdish nomadic life and dive into the legacies of a gripping story.


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Ararat - Highest peak in Turkey

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It is said that it was here that Noah's Ark (Nuh for Muslims) ran aground after the flood and also the place where ten thousand Roman soldiers died crucified by Emperor Decius, after converting to Christianity . However, beyond religious beliefs, most climbers agree that the Ararat commands respect and admiration, saying it is not surprising that it has always been considered a sacred mountain.
From Van, located on her lap, catch one ferry and approach the lsland of Akdamar, located in Lake Van, the largest in Turkey. There you will find an ancient Armenian cathedral with attractive reliefs and paintings.
If you can, go to Yerevan. The Armenian capital, which will surprise you with its contrasts. Visit the National Grigor Lusarovich Cathedral, the Square of the Republic, the Opera House, the monument of Soviet-style The Cascade and, if you go for a weekend, do not miss the Vernissage Market.
On the Turkish side, Dogubeyazit is well worth a visit especially the Ottoman Palace Ishak Pashat.

To climb Ararat, it is necessary to obtain a special visa. Order it in advance, because its processing may take more than 30 days. In addition, to undertake the climb, it is compulsory to attend with an accredited guide.

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Ararat - Highest peak in Turkey

Location Ararat - Highest peak in Turkey

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