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Badwater 135

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Badwater 135

Badwater 135

The Badwater 135 ultra marathon combines with the slogan "The world's toughest footrace"  several factors able to test the resistance of the toughest Mostpointers.

135 mi / 217 km non-stop, temperatures near 50° C / 122 F,  the hardness of Death Valley and a cumulative gap that reaches 4,450 meters / 15,000 ft in ascent and 1,859 m / 6,100 ft downhill joining the lowest and highest of the contiguous points: depression Badwater (85 m / 279 ft below sea level) and the Portal of Mount Whitney (2,530 m / 8,300 ft).

The route crosses points as emblematic as Mushroom Rock, Furnace Creek, Salt Creek, Devil's Cornfield, Devil's Golf Course, Stovepipe Wells, Panamint Springs, Keeler, Alabama Hills and Lone Pine.

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Badwater 135

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The National Park Death Valley is a place that leaves nobody indifferent. Located just under 250 km / 155 mi from Las Vegas, this desert includes such amazing places like Furnace Creek, Dante's View or a set of rocks of different and attractive colors known as The Artist Pallette.
In the vicinity of Mount Whitney, you can hike interesting routes as the one leading to lake Lone Pine and if you want to continue enjoying nature, go to the neighboring national parks like Sequoia and Kings Canyon. Both with nearly virgin extensions and without a large influx of visitors.

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Badwater 135

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