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BASE jump

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BASE jump

BASE jump

What do you think of throwing yourself from the top of a fixed object rather than from a plane? If you do from the latter you’d practise skydiving. The other way, you can add this Mostpoint to your profile.

In fact, BASE is an acronym for the name of the four fixed objects: Building, Antenna, Span and Earth (cliffs for example), from which you have to jump into the air with a single parachute on your back. The characteristics of the latter depend on the technical specifications required for each jump in particular.

This is an extreme discipline not to be taken lightly. Its practitioners carefully analyze and thoroughly study all the factors that influence the jump before actually doing so. If you have experience, you know what this is about.

In some countries there are schools where you can learn BASE jumping. In others it is banned and in some there are big loopholes in the legislation.


Upload your own photos that clearly show that you have made ​​a jump. A tandem jump is a valid basis to conquer this BASE Jump Mostpoint.

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BASE jump

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Norway is one of the most preferred destinations for practicing this discipline as one of the highest places where you can jump is located here: Kjerag in the Lysefjord. Other sought-after places are for example the Angel Falls in Venezuela, the Grand Canyon in the US or Dubai's skyscrapers.

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BASE jump

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