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Beijicun - China's northernmost point

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Beijicun - China's northernmost point

Beijicun - China's northernmost point

This MOSTPOINT is located on the banks of the Amur River, locally called "river of the black dragon", which for a long stretch is the natural border between Russia and China. The territorial dispute between the two countries were settled in 2008. Beijicun is also known as "Village of the Chinese North Pole". It belongs to the district of Mohe in the Heilongjiang Province and is considered the best place in the country to observe the phenomenon of the aurora borealis. There is a large carved rock with Chinese characters in red marking the northern point of the country.

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Beijicun - China's northernmost point

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Some 400,000 people visit annually Mohe. Most in the summer, although there are those who dare to do so in the winter with temperatures that can far exceed -40F / -40ºC. Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang, has held for more than 50 years a festival of snow and ice during that time of year. If you are there then do not miss it. In addition to large sculptures in snow, you'll see a real city built of ice, with sets of brightly colored lighting that make it a unique spectacle. You can also visit the Da Hinggan Mountains, the town where more than 1,500 years ago skiing was invented. Until then, its inhabitants skated on bamboo constructions but them they discovered how fast they could glide over the snow putting on wooden boards.

From Mohe, a road leads to this MOSTPOINT.

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Beijicun - China's northernmost point

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Location Beijicun - China's northernmost point

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