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Beijing International Marathon

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Beijing International Marathon

Beijing International Marathon

This marathon is held annually in the capital of China since 1981. For many people it forms part of the top ten in the world.

It has about 30,000 participants and you can participate in the modalities of half marathon (21 097 km / 13 mi) in 3 hours and full marathon (42.195 km / 26.219 mi) in 6 hours, which is the course that you must run to add this MOSTPOINT to your profile.

The starting point is located on another MOSTPOINT: Tiananmen, the world's largest city square and the finish line in the Beijing Olympic Park. In between you run through the districts of Dongcheng, Xincheng, Haidian and Chaoyang. 

The route followed by millions of viewers, is more or less straightforward and offering no major difficulties.

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Beijing International Marathon

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Beijing, also named Peking in English,means in Chinese "City of the North". It is one of the most populated cities in the world. A city that will impress you with its amazing monuments, cultural events and lively daily grind.

Less than 100 km / 60 mi away you can visit the Great Wall and within Beijing at least do not miss the architectural complex of the Forbidden City. It is the main attraction for the vast majority of travelers, along with the Temple of Heaven. Both declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

You can also enjoy the opportunity to practice haggling at the Pearl and Silk markets. Visit the pandas at the zoo. Give yourself a rickshaw ride. Be amazed by the gardens and the Seventeen Arch Bridge of the Summer Palace. Recharge your batteries in the imperial garden Baihai Park. Admire the city from the TV tower. Go shopping at Xiunshui market and stroll through the city at your leisure. You grope its rich history step by step.

To participate in this marathon you must be over 20 years.

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Beijing International Marathon

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