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Between 2 continents on Iceland

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Between 2 continents on Iceland

Between 2 continents on Iceland

Iceland, created by volcanic activity, is situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which is the separation area of tectonic plates, the Eurasiatic and American in the north as well as the African and South American in the South, that slowly move apart with a steady average of 1 to 2 cm a year. Some parts of this ridge come above sea level, which is the case of Iceland. The result is different (deep) gorges and a crack in the earth, the Almannagjá (all-men-gap) in Thingvellir National Park in Iceland, 50 km from Reykjavik. This is one of the places in Iceland, where the breach between the North American and Eurasian continental plates clearly shows, giving testimony of the force of nature. The fracture can even be contemplated by diving into the Silfra gap with the clearest water in the world. Here you swim right between two continents making it one of the most spectacular MOSTPOINT experiences in the world!

Another gap is clearly to be seen in the south-west of Iceland, near the airport, on road No 425, near Gunnuhver the biggest geothermic area of Iceland with an exotic landscape of mud pools and steam vents. Search for the clearly marked point with a bridge over the gap so you can stand with one foot on the American and with the other on the Eurasian continent.


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Between 2 continents on Iceland

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Thingvellir (literally Parlements plain) is an important meeting place in the history of Iceland. Since the Viking period (930) the Althingi, Iceland's parliament, held its annual meetings until 1262. The Almannagjá (acting as an echo wall), a large plain, Öxarárfoss (a waterfall), Oxara (a river) and Thingvallavatn (a lake) were the key elements for the descendants of Arnarson to choose this place for their meetings. Remnants of this can still be seen. In 1798, the last 'open air' Althing came together because from 1800 it was moved to Reikjavik.
Thingvellir National Park is a highly sought after area for nature lovers and hikers. In 2004, it was included in the World Heritage List for its cultural value. Visit the beautiful waterfalls in the area, including the Öxarárfoss

Visit Reykjavik, 50 km away, the northernmost city in the world. Search for it in the category “Extremes of the World” as well as for the other extreme geographic points of Iceland and take advantage of the opportunity to add more than 1 new MOSTPOINT to your profile.

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Between 2 continents on Iceland

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