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Bonete beach trail

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Bonete beach trail

Bonete beach trail

llhabela is a town on the island of San Sebastian, the largest of the archipelago with the same name. The other islands are Ilha dos Búzios, Vitória, Figueira, Pescadores, Serraria, Cabras, Enchovas, Lagoa and Castelhanos.

Several peaks are dotting San Sebastian. The highest, which bears its name, reaches 1,379 m / 4,524 ft. Next in height, Papagaio (1,037 m / 3,402 ft ) and Baepi (1,025 m / 3,362 ft). They hold back the ocean winds, giving the island a humid tropical climate.

In this environment awaits you the "Bonete beach trail", a hiking trail of about 40 km / 25 mi that starts in Porto dos Frades and reaches the idyllic wild Bonete beach. A one or, usually  two day hike. that surprises you with its lush natural beauty. At the end of it, you get a nice reward: A bath in blue Atlantic waters at the edge of a quiet beach surrounded by green forests. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Caicara community that lives there. These are more than a hundred families living mainly from fishing and they will gladly tell you the stories and legends of their ancestral culture.

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Bonete beach trail

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Numerous rivers cross the island of San Sebastian with countless waterfalls that add great beauty to the landscape. Besides trekking that allow you to conquer this MOSTPOINT, in Llabela you can practice rock climbing, windsurfing, sailing and diving, as well as horseback riding. Hop on a 4x4 and discover incredible places or take a mountain bike and disappear on any of the available cycling routes. The State Park offers an enormous richness of flora and fauna. Orchids, bromeliads and caraguatás are mixed with trees of 30 m / 98 ft high that fit into a dense forest full of natural resources in which many small mammals and birds live.

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Bonete beach trail

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