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Bungee jumping

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Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping

What is Bungee or Bungy jumping? Idyllic secluded beaches, pristine rivers and standard of living is the relaxed atmosphere in the place where this discipline was born, the Republic of Vanuato (former New Hebrides). There, on this South Pacific island, young local tribesmen jump from a wooden tower tethered by the feet with a vine to attest his manhood and ensure good harvests.

The extreme sport enthusiasts were inspired by this to create bungee jumping, changing the liana by a high performance rubber band to get a few more bounces down, extending the jumping experience as well as incrementing security.

It is a risky sport so it is necessary to take precautions and always practice under the supervision of highly qualified instructors. Ofcourse #bungeejumping is a Mostpoint challenge.


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Bungee jumping

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The bridge over the Kawarau River in New Zealand, the Longqing Gorge in China, the Victoria Falls in Zambia / Zimbabwe, The Rock in Canada, Action Valley in Peru, Europe's Bridge in Austria, the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa or the Verzasca dam in Switzerland immortalized by James Bond himself with his Goldeneye Bungee, are some of the most famous places in the world for this sport.

In New Zealand? Try the Shotover Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox near Queenstown. Amazing options for jumping alone or together. Click link below

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Bungee jumping

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