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Cape Town Cycle Tour

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Cape Town Cycle Tour

Cape Town Cycle Tour

With around 35,000 participants in its latest editions, this MOSTPOINT is one of the tours world's most popular cyclists.

It is not surprising as its 110 km / 68 mi loop around the beautiful Cape Peninsula, with  its constant ascents and descents, allow all participants to live an intense sporting experience enjoying constantly a spectacular landscape.

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Cape Town Cycle Tour

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Attached to the mainland along the beach of Cape Flats, the Cape Peninsula juts into the Atlantic Ocean boasting its natural wealth. In the south you will find Cape Point Reserve, part of Table Mountain Nature Reserve. The mountain of the same name is truly spectacular. Its unique shape, its radiant colors and prime location has made ​​it one of the natural wonders of the world. Do not hesitate to take the cable car that takes you to the lookout on top. From there the views are unforgettable, including a fantastic panoramic one of Cape of Good Hope. Many believe that this is the southernmost point of the continent, but it is not. This privilege belongs to Cape Agulhas, located about 250 km / 155 mi to the east by road. If you are in for some more cycling, you can become the owner of another MOSTPOINT badge. And if you are not, you just drive, leave your footprints there and make the required pictures with which you thicken your profile with another fantastic “World Extreme” MOSTPOINT.

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Cape Town Cycle Tour

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