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China's westernmost point

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China's westernmost point

China's westernmost point

A MOSTPOINT hard to conquer and only suitable for real adventurers. It is located in the Pamir Plateau, about 60 miles / 100 km southwest of Waqia in Sinkiang (Xinjiang in Mandarin, Ice Jeces in Manchu, meaning both "New Frontier"), the largest province in the country. The border is with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.The area formed together with the Himalayas and occupies about 60,00 sq mi / 100,000 km2 in which several 7,000’s stand. Including the Muztagh Ata (24,757 ft /7,546 m), used as a training camp for the Everest expeditions. Here ran the historical Silk Road. Marco Polo described this place in those years as "a plain where you ride for twelve days and you encounter niether a home nor a shelter, because there is a desert along the entire route and there is nothing to eat. Travelers who pass that way should bring their supplies ... ".

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China's westernmost point

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Kashgar, the mythical city of the Silk Road. In its city you can spend hours enjoying the atmosphere: people of different ethnicities, nomads who come to trade, puppeteers with their colorful wagons ... and right there, the Id Kah Mosque, the largest Islamic center in the country that you can visit outside the prayer times. Nearby, in the foothills of Karakorum, getting to Pakistan, you will find the beautiful lake Karacul, with its small yurt camp (typical tents of Central Asia) eager to welcome the few visitors who arrive there.

The Railway which reaches Akto County is the "Kashgar-Hotan".

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China's westernmost point

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