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Continental Divide Trail

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Continental Divide Trail

Continental Divide Trail

The long distance hiking trail known as the Continental Divide Trail is part of the famous "Triple Crown trail" being included in the National Trails System of the United States.

It stretches along the Great Continental Divide in the country, combining paths and roads from the border with Mexico to the Canadian border, crossing the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

Its runs for some  3,100 mi / 5,000 km  across more than a dozen National and Provincial Parks. Among them, the famous Yellowstone National Park.

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Continental Divide Trail

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From the singular Columbus at the Mexican border to the majestic mountains of Nevada, you will discover authentic natural gems like the Colorado Rocky Mountain Park, the Bridger Teton National Forest in Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park in Idaho. Incredible landscapes that give way to all your senses contrasting countless local traditions and cultures that will enrich your spirit. A great opportunity to savor the heart of America.

Detailed information on the official website of the Continental Divide Trail Society.

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Continental Divide Trail

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