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Crossing the Antarctic Circle

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Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Crossing the Antarctic Circle

The Antarctic Circle is the parallel 66º 33' 45' S or rounding, the 66º 34' S. As in the Arctic Circle, but in this case South of the line, you can see both summer days on which the sun never sets as days of total darkness in winter. Very few have traveled so far. If you cross this line you will enter a privileged group of world travelers.

The Antarctic Circle passes only over the Antarctic continent at some points without crossing any other continent or country. You can also cross it on sea in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

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You have to cross the Antarctic Circle by land or sea. We do not consider it valid if you cross this line by plane.

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Crossing the Antarctic Circle

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There are cruises from Argentina and Chile visiting Antarctica, reaching the peninsula that bears the same name, allowing you to cross the line. Of course you can also sail yourself.

Other MOSTPOINT worldlines crossing in the world are El Ecuador, the Greenwich meridian, The Arctic Circle and the International Dateline.

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Crossing the Antarctic Circle

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