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Crossing the Equator

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Crossing the Equator

Crossing the Equator

With 40.075,004 km or 24,901 mi, the Equator or Parallel 0 is the largest imaginary circle that passes around the Earth. It is the line that separates North and South. The Equator divides the Earth in two equal parts, the Northern Hemisphere or septentrional and the Southern Hemisphere or Meridional. The latitude of the Equator is 0º by definition and is situated at exactly half the distance between the South and North Pole. Here the sun and the stars are exactly the same time above the horizon as they are below. Al days of the year the night is exactly 12 hours long. Crossing the Equator is a pagan ritual with a long history among sailors. All supposedly infidel, sailors that have never crossed the Equator before, must be baptized when they cross to avoid the wrath of Neptune who reigns over all seas.

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You have to cross the Equator on land or on sea. By plane is not considered valid. Upload a photo on which you can see that you cross the Equator.

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Crossing the Equator

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Basically there are 2 things, more then anywhere else, around the Equator. North and South.

Other main MOSTPOINT lines to cross around the world are the Arctic Polar Circle, the Antarctic Polar Circle, the Greenwich Meridian and the International Date line.

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Crossing the Equator

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