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Cycling Ruta Austral

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Cycling Ruta Austral

Cycling Ruta Austral

1,200 km / 745 mi gravel roads, trails and some road sections that are well worth the effort to be pedaled. Also you have to do several parts by ferry. The route begins in Puerto Montt, in central Chile, and then southbound passing Caleta Yungay down to Villa O'Higgins in northern Patagonia, though of course you can do it the other way around. In between, wild landscapes, National Parks such as Queulat and Cerro Castillo, indescribably beautiful forests and even hot springs at Puyuhuapi.

A festival of nature to enjoy with all senses. Not surprisingly many cyclist consider it one of the most beautiful routes in the world.


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Cycling Ruta Austral

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Villa O'Higgins is a small village located in a land of explorers and adventurers. Surrounded by mountains and glaciers it is home to many unique species and also a good starting point to begin the Southern Highway. Along the route you will find peaceful and cozy towns like Puerto Tranquilo, wonders of nature like the capricious formations called Marble Cathedrals, protected forest areas like the natural monument Dos Lagunas or the Cerro Castillo reservate in Coyhaique (original Tehuelche name coming from the terms "qoj", lagoon, and "ajke", camp) and wonderful people who will welcome you warmly making you share in their traditions and customs.

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Cycling Ruta Austral

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