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Dolomiti Extreme Trail

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Dolomiti Extreme Trail

Dolomiti Extreme Trail

The goal of the organization is especially to convey the passion to outdo oneself among those athletes, young and old, that enjoy the exciting world of racing driven by their passion for the mountains.

Under the cover of that fundamental principle, this event takes place in the unique landscape of the Dolomites, putting at your disposal different challenges. Among them, the ones valid to add a powerful Badge to your profile, are the DXT 53K and DXT 103K.

The first covers 53 km with differences in altitude of around +3,800 m, starting at 05.30 h in Forno di Zoldo and ending at 18:30 with a time limit of 13 hours. The marks that must be respected: 13.30 h - Malga Pioda (km 29.0), 14.30 h - Staulanza Pass (km 37.0) and 16.00 h - Tamai Pass (km 45.0)with.

The DXT 103K includes 103 km, a drop of +7150 m and a 28 hour time limit. In this case, you must overcome the following controls: 06.30 h - Passo Duran, 00.30 h - Passo Staulanza, 04.00 h - Zoppè di Cadore and 09.30 h - Cibiana pass.

Both challenges officially score for the UTMB. For the DXT finishers 53k, 2 points (4 points in the new ITRA scale) and the DXT of 103 K, 3 points (5 on the  ITRA scale).

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To add this MOSTPOINT to your profile, you must complete the Dolomiti Extreme Trail 53K or 103K within the time set by the organization. When you are a finisher, upload pictures of yourself with your medal or finish certificate.

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Dolomiti Extreme Trail

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The Dolomites, located in the eastern Alps, are part of the World Heritage of UNESCO since 2009. With its peaks and valleys they are a spectacle by itself, representing a gift for the spirit. You'll find out at Forno di Zoldo, from where you can enjoy incredible panoramic views. Visit also the Parish of San Floriano and the Museum of Iron and Nails. Then, if you have time, explore the surroundings. The whole area is dotted with charming villages which, as a whole, offer a unique opportunity to enrich yourself with the artistic and cultural heritage of a region that has a great historical and natural interest.

To register for these challenges you must have gained your credit points obtained in earlier qualifying races for the UTMB. You can find more detailed information on the official website. The maximum number of participants is limited at 500 for the DXT 53K and 350 for the DXT 103 K. A mandatory outfit must be respected, both for one mode as for the other. See also Article 9 of the official rules.

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Dolomiti Extreme Trail

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