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Drakensberg Grand Traverse

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Drakensberg Grand Traverse

Drakensberg Grand Traverse

For the first time completed in 1999 by Gavin Raubenheimer, the Drakensberg Grand Traverse is considered THE crossing of mountain crossings. 220 km / 137 mi - 250 km / 155 mi through the highest mountain range in South Africa, called uKhahlamba (barrier of spears) by the Zulus. There is no official route demarcated although there are eight points of control that you must pass: The Chain Ladders, peaks of Mont-aux-Sources (3,282 m / 10,767 ft), Cleft Peak (3,277 m / 10,751 ft), Champagne Castle (3,377 m / 11,079 ft), Mafadi ( 3,451 m / 11,322 ft), Giant's Castle (3,314 m / 10,872 ft), Thabana Ntlenyana (3,482 m / 10,872 ft) the highest point in southern Africa below Mount Meru in Kenya, and finally Thomathu Pass, from where you will undertake the descent to Bushman's Nek, a border control between South Africa and Lesotho. No mountaineering techniques are needed because it is really not about climbing but about steep ascents and descents but the elevation gain is in total over 9,000 m / 29,500 ft. That is more than a climb to the summit of the Everest!

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Drakensberg Grand Traverse

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The Royal Natal National Park where another MOSTPOINT is located: The Tugela Falls, the highest in the continent, offers amazing trekking routes through caves, gorges and cliffs. In the central Drakensberg you will find interesting examples of Bushman rock art, and along the entire mountain range, lots of options for rock climbing and climbing. Of course a visit to Lesotho is another thing that you may well do now you got to the border.

You must complete the route on foot. The use of GPS is admitted and even necessary but not so support or help from others. You must be self-sufficient, ie carry your own food and supplies, at least according to some opinions that represent the authentic style.

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Drakensberg Grand Traverse

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