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Eiger Ultra trail

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Eiger Ultra trail

Eiger Ultra trail

The Swiss town of Grindelwald Eiger celebrates the Ultra-Trail since 2013, a race that forms part of the Ultra Trail World Tour and invites you to accept the challenge of running the highest region of the canton of Bern: the mountain of Grosse Scheidegg, the Cabane de Faulhorn, the Schynige Platte, the population of Wengen, the Männlichen and the Kleine Scheidegg Pass, which connects Grindelwald with Lauterbrunnen. A spectacular journey through the north face of the Eiger that offers you experiences with an authentic MOSTPOINT flavor.

There are three modes: Trail E101 (101 km / 62.7 mi, 6,700 m / 21,980 ft) in 26 hours, Trail E51 (51 km / 31.7 mi, 3,100 m / 10,170 ft) in 14 hours and Trail E16 (16 km / 9.9 mi, 960 m / 3,150 m) in 4 hours, each of them begins and ends in the alpine village of Grindelwald. The first two score for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and are therefore the ones accepted to thicken your list of MOSTPOINS.


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Eiger Ultra trail

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In Grindelwald you will find the mountain station with the same name, famous not only for its skiing, but also for the wonderful views it offers because of its privileged situation and this is why it has large numbers of visitors throughout the year . You'll find all kinds services dedicated to pamper tourists. From comfortable hotels to a golf complex, indoor swimming pool, bars, nightclubs and of course, multiple alternatives for nature and adventure tourism.

To participate in the Trail E101 you must be 20 years old, 18 to do so for Trail E51 and 16 to enroll in the E16 Trail.

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Eiger Ultra trail

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