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Eindhoven Marathon

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Eindhoven Marathon

Eindhoven Marathon

The Eindhoven Marathon (DLL Eindhoven Marathon) is an annual event in October. It has become one of the biggest marathons in The Netherlands and over the years a real city marathon. It is known for its fast course and the enthusiastic support from the spectators.

The first marathon of Eindhoven took place in 1956 with 50 to 60 runners. Between 1961 and 1981, the marathon was not organised but in 1982 it returned due to the 750th anniversary of Eindhoven. In the eighties the Marathon was only held in even years rather than every year until 1990. Nowadays this event attracts over 20,000 participants. A major contributor to the vaunted atmosphere in the city are the fifty different music venues of this Marathon Festival.

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Eindhoven Marathon

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Eindhoven, the city of lights, the city of Philips, is largely a virtually new city with a number of monuments that are very worthwhile. For example the Evoluon, Stijp S, the Genneper Watermill, the Philips museum and the Eindhoven Museum: a prehistoric village in the heritage park within the Genneper parks. Around Eindhoven are also several hiking areas such as the Strabrechtse Heath, The Maaij and Malpie. If you have more time visit one of the nice Brabant villages in the area such as Oudenbosch, Drimmelen or Boxtel.

The minimum age for participation is 18 years on the day of the marathon.

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Eindhoven Marathon

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