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Four Days of the Yzer

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Four Days of the Yzer

Four Days of the Yzer

An annual 'military exercise', open to civilians and military personnel from all over the world, has become an international march, organized by the Belgian Artillery Battalion. The event has three objectives: to strengthen the link between defense and society, in commemoration of the fallen during the World Wars, to get hikers acquainted with historical and tourist values of the Westhoek region.

The event takes place in the first full week following the 15th of August (Our Lady Ascension, which is a public holiday in Belgium) for 4 days. Every day there is a hike of 8, 16, 24 and 32 km. The route follows each year a fixed pattern although exceptions herein are possible. Only the daily march of 32 km is valid as a MOSTPOINT.


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For this MOSTPOINT you have to walk the 32 km route every day of the total of four days. Upload a photo of yourself with the Four Days of the Yser medal which you obtain when you have walked 4 x 32 km and also some photos while walking.

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Four Days of the Yzer

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What else is there
In this area you can see many memories of the two World Wars, including the Dodengang and the Iron Tower in Dixmude. But there is also much natural beauty to admire, including De Panne and further north Zwin with stray horses and cattle. And of course the beautiful beach and the cozy beach towns nearby. For children there is the Plopsaland amusement park.

Take advantage of the time you are there and conquer three more MOSTPOINTS in the area: Some 70 km to the north you find the westernmost point of the Netherlands and about 10 km to the south you find the westerly point of Belgium which is also the northern tip of France.

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Four Days of the Yzer

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