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Germany’s westernmost point

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Germany’s westernmost point

Germany’s westernmost point

The Westernmost point of Germany is situated on the IJsweg (Ice road) on the Dutch side and the Forstweg (Ice road) on the German side. This road connects the German village of Tüddern to the Dutch village of Susteren in the South of Holland, next to the city of Sittard. You will find a stone marker with number 309B pointing to marker 310, the real Western point, next to the Dutch border sign.

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Germany’s westernmost point

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The small historical village of Millen, worth a quick visit, lies just a few miles away. Not far away to the west you find Sittard, worth to pay a visit to its really nice historic center. At some 30 mi / 50 km you will find Düsseldorf, known as the most cosmopolitan german city, and also known for its carnaval festivities, where they will receive you with their open and joyful character.

In a visit of just a few hours you can combine this MOSTPOINT with that of the Southern MOSTPOINT of the Netherlands as well as the highest MOSTPOINT of the Netherlands. The latter is quite a curiosity in a country where 60% of the land is situated under sealevel.

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Germany’s westernmost point

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