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Great North Walk

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Great North Walk

Great North Walk

The Great North Walk was created as part of the celebrations of 1988 to commemorate the bicentennial of Australia. It is a hiking trail of 250 km / 155 mi from Sydney to Newcastle. Completing it usually takes 10 to 14 days.

It runs through wonderful natural landscapes and rural areas. It is well signposted and you can also find detailed information (attractions, accommodation, restaurants and all kinds of services) along the road and on the official website. So to conquer this fantastic MOSTPOINT just organize your route and get ready.

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Great North Walk

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You will really enjoy this hike all the way and discover step by step some of the natural treasures of this great country. In Sydney you can visit the Opera House, the charming neighborhood The Rocks, the Royal Botanic Garden, Harbour Bridge and of course, treat yourself on a hike on one of its incredible beaches. If you are a surfer you have to go to Bondi where you'll find perfect waves. If you prefer a quieter beach, you can choose Manly or adventure and discover other wilder beaches such as Marouba or Coogee.
In Newcastle you should not miss the panoramic views from Nobby's Lighthouse. Take a tour of Castle Keep, Fort Scratchley and Swing Bridge. Approach the Blackbutt Reserve and surprise yourself with the largest saltwater lake of Australia, the Macquarie. In addition you can surf at Caves Beach, do some kiting at Nobby's reef and enjoy the sports environment of Dixon Park Beach, Ladys or Burnwood.

If you still have some energy, time and money left, take the opportunity to conquer more MOSTPOINTS. At about 630 km / 390 mi drive from Newcastle you have Byron Cape, the easternmost point of the country. If you finish your route in Sydney you will encounter at about 950 km / 590 mi to the south the Great Ocean Road, which runs from Torquay to Warnambool. You can also take the Indian-Pacific New South Wales train to Western Australia or climb to the roof of mainland Australia,on Mount Kosciuszko. It is just less than 500 km / 300 mi from Sydney. Find these on the menu on the left (MOSTPOINTS by country) and return home with several new Badges on your profile.

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Great North Walk

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