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Great Ocean Road

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Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Until the early twentieth century the southern coastal populations were only accessible by sea or a limited and rudimentary train service. After the First World War many soldiers who returned home were employed in road construction. Including this one that, over the years, not only became the largest memorial for the fallen in that war but also one of the main tourist attractions of Australia. This is not surprising. The beautiful landscape is so great that all those who embark on the adventure to conquer this Mostpoint, thank the maximum speed of 80 km/h. Moreover, they confess that in many cases it is impossible to go faster then 50 km/h. Officially known as B100, the Great Ocean Road starts in Torquay, 100 km / 62 mi from Melbourne, and ends in Warnambool. The route runs parallel to the coast and touches cities like Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay and Peterborough; lush forests, beaches adored by surfers and rock formations as you'll see in the Port Campbell National Park. Including "London Arch", "The Grotto" and undoubtedly the jewel of the Great Ocean Road: the "Twelve Apostles": curious limestone formations of up to 45 m / 148 ft high that emerge from the Tasman Sea, playing with sunlight and the dancing waves offering you a spectacular panoramic gift, especially at dawn and dusk.

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Everything is interesting along the Great Ocean Road: Torquay, the international temple of surf, Anglesea with its golf course and kangaroos, Cape Otway Lighthouse from the XIX century and koalas, Lorne with the highest top of the route (the viewpoint "Cinema Point") and Warrnambool, famous for being one of the most important whale watching centers in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road can be done throughout the year, although it is worth it to enjoy maximum visibility. This happens during the austral summer (December to March), when the fog banks are significantly reduced. If you are interested in whale watching, consider approaching the coast during the austral winter (June to October). In almost every village you will find hotels, hostels and campsites for overnight. With gasoline there are no problems, except Tasmania, where you will find stretches of 300 km / 190 mi without any option to refuel.

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Great Ocean Road

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