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Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh route

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Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh route

Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh route

If you love the bicycle, the history and the beach, this is your route. 1200 km / 746 miles linking the two largest vietnamese cities. And in between all the charm of a gentle, and at the same time, vertiginous country.

On your way you will find colonial buildings, breathtaking scenery, spectacular parks, impressive temples, curious pagodas , beautiful beaches and millions of stories, traditions, myths, legends and customs that the friendly Vietnamese will be happy to share with you.

The terrain varies greatly throughout the entire route but is worth the effort. You will find unforgettable panoramic views, such as the one you'll enjoy from Hai Van Pass (Pass of the Clouds). Also green forests, the blue sea of China and the whitish clouds near the mountains which make you feel like cycling in the middle of a dream.


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Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh route

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With over 1,000 years of history, Hanoi is one of the oldest cities in the country. The Hoan Kiem lake, in the middle of the city, with its beautiful red bridge hides a unique legend. Ask about the turtle that lives in the water and then get lost in its streets. You will find colorful and lively fresh food markets, flea markets, stalls and lots of interesting buildings and monuments. Including the One Pillar Pagoda, the ancient citadel, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and a Cathedral, known as "Little Notre Dame". And what about the former Saigon? Ho Chi Minh City is the capital of South Vietnam. A surprising city. There you will find architectural gems such as the Cu Chi tunnels, the Opera House, the Reunification Palace, the Temple of Tay Ninh Cao Dal and the Post Office, built by Gustav Eiffel.

Vietnam's climate is tropical, with a wet season and a dry season. In any case, sunglasses and a raincoat will never be too much in your luggage.

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Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh route

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