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Hong Kong Marathon

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Hong Kong Marathon

Hong Kong Marathon

Many of the best athletes in the world have an annual apointment they cannot miss, the Hong Kong marathon. An event that among all categories, attracts more than 70,000 participants in each of its editions.

The available courses are 10 km / 6,376 mi in 2 hours, half marathon (21.097 km / 13,191 mi) in 3 hours and a full marathon (42.195 km / 26.219 mi) in 6 hours, which is the one you have to complete to add this MOSTPOINT to your profile.

The competition starts in Tsim Tsa Tsui, on land reclaimed from the sea, in the Kowloon region, continuing in the area called the New Territories and ending in the historic Victoria Park on the island of Hong Kong, with lots of spectators.

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Hong Kong Marathon

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Hong Kong has a fascinating past dating back to prehistory. It formed part of Imperial China, suffered the Japanese occupation from 1941 to 1945 and lived under British protectorate until 1997, when it returned to Chinese administration. This long evolution of events has given it an amazing cultural wealth. The footprint of the British presence on the island is undeniable. However perhaps most striking is the infinity of Chinese ancient traditions that survived here much more than in other regions. The Art and Heritage Museums are an essential visit to soak it all up.

Do not miss the nightly light and sound show that is organized daily on the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui (something like the Hollywood Walk of Fame) to admire the famous skyline of the city. Take the opportunity to immortalize yourself next to the sculpture remembering the famous Bruce Lee.

On the island of Lantau you'll find the giant statue of Buddha Tian Tian and the lovely floating village of Tai-o, besides the Beach Discovery Bay where you can relax, sail the bay aboard a watercraft, see dolphins or just paddle for a while .

Visit the Temple Street night market, enjoying a meal of fish on the island Lama, ride the crowned tram to the highest point of the city in Victoria Peak, stroll through the Zen Garden Park of Hong Kong, visit the Financial Centre or going up the longest staircase in the world in The Central Mid Levels are other interesting options that add to the things to discover when you visit Hong Kong.

To participate in this marathon you must turn 20 years old in the year of the event.

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Hong Kong Marathon

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