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Huella Andina (Andean Footprint)

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Huella Andina (Andean Footprint)

Huella Andina (Andean Footprint)

This is the first long distance hiking trail of this southern country, Argentina. It is marked and organised in 42 stages that alternate degrees of difficulty between low, medium and high, being the shortest of 8.2 km / 5 mi and the largest of 20 km / 12 mi. Of course you can combine several stages into one if you want to go faster. The trail has its start around Villa Pehuenia, Province of Neuquen and ends around Lake Baguilt in Trevelin belonging to the Province of Chubut.

The entire route covers 540 km / 335 mi and crosses five national parks in the Andean Biosphere Reserve Norpatagónica of Neuquén, Río Black and Chubut. You will pass by famous landmarks such as Junín de los Andes, San Martin de los Andes, Villa La Angostura, San Carlos de Bariloche, El Bolson, Lago Puelo, Cholila and Esquel.

This route represents a real festival of nature, culture and traditions to enjoy with all your senses.


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Huella Andina (Andean Footprint)

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Under your feet will pass the National Parks Lanin, Nahuel Huapi, Arrayanes, Lago Puelo and Los Alerces as well as numerous nature reserves. It is a route to enjoy with time so you can stop at each stage to take advantage of all that Mother Nature has left recorded in those places, as well as to contact with the people along the entire route, since the open character of the Argentines will allow you to get to know their traditions and customs firsthand and in great detail.

You can view detailed information on the official website of the route. And on a blog you can read the story of the person who finished as first this route.

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Huella Andina (Andean Footprint)

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