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Ironman African Championship

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Ironman African Championship

Ironman African Championship

The Ironman African Championship sums the same points for Kona as other regional Championships. It is one of the toughest tests of the circuit due to the strong wind that athletes have to face during the 180 km / 112 mi of cycling, to which are added 3.86 km / 2.4 mi swim at Hobie Beach and to complete a full marathon (42.2 km / 26.2 mi) that begins with four loops along Marine Drive, so that the heat of the 80.000 spectators nearly touches the athletes.

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Ironman African Championship

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Port Elizabeth, also known as "The Friendly City", has the best beaches for surfing in South Africa with a climate that has been rated the best in the country, despite of its strong winds. It is a very affable city, open to tourism. Founded in 1820 it has many monuments that testify of its intense history, such as the oldest house in the city at 7 Castle Hill Street, the Horse Memorial, Fort Frederick, the South End Museum or the Campanile tower that is over 50 m / 164 ft high. You can also visit Addo, the most popular national park in the country, located half hour from Port Nelson Mandela. There you will find the "big 7" of the continent: elephants, lions, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, white sharks and the great whale of the south, among other animal species and an interesting flora. And if you still have plenty of energy, time and some money left in your pocket, be sure to visit Cape Town travelling along the Garden Route, passing through Knysna and of course visiting another MOSTPOINT at Cape Agulhas, the Southernmost point of the African continent.

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Ironman African Championship

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