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Jungle Marathon

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Jungle Marathon

Jungle Marathon

A fully fledged ultra challenge: about 200 km / 124 mi through Amazonas, with temperatures over 40° C / 100 F and humidity over 90%, crossing rivers dodging crocodiles and piranhas and watch for an unexpected visit from anacondas and jaguars are some of the ingredients that make this a suitable endurance test just for fearless and very well prepared Mostpointers.

The race is self-sufficient and divided into seven stages, which start and end in the jungle and small villages. A select few racers are able to conquer it. Will you be one of them?


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Jungle Marathon

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The Amazonas state is located in northwest Brazil, and a place of lush beauty that keeps in her womb traditions, legends, myths and stories of native cultures. At some places still magical places inhabited by indigenous groups are in perfect communion with nature.

The state capital is Manaus, a city of about 1.5 million inhabitants created in the 17th century. The Amazonas theatre is its most emblematic building, the Paricatuba falls are a recommended visit and Anavilhanas, up the river about 100 km, almost an obligation, because there you will find the world's largest river archipelago.

In Manaus you can also discover the Forest of Science, Mindu Municipal Park and the Zoo, as well as take a cruise on the Black and Amazon rivers.

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Jungle Marathon

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