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Km 0 Argentina

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Km 0 Argentina

Km 0 Argentina

Many believe that the Km 0 of the Argentinian road network is located on the famous Plaza del Congreso in Buenos Aires, but it is not. Nearby, in the Plaza Mariano Moreno you will find the evidence, a monolith work of the artists Máximo and José Fioravanti. It shows on its north side the Virgin of Luján, the "Patroness of the National Routes" on the southern side a map of the country in relief, looking west plates with a tribute to José de San Martín and finally, on the south side, the date of the decree that set this as the starting point of all roads.

We like to clarify that many think that Km 0 correspond to the geographical center of the country but this really has nothing to do with it. They mark the beginning of the national roads in some countries although in others they can be used for the railways.

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Km 0 Argentina

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Buenos Aires is a fascinating city, day and night. Its contrasting neighborhoods surprise you with their charms, from the colorful La Boca to the bohemian San Telmo; from the traditional Palermo to the exclusive Recoleta, each has unforgettable places. Very close to the Km 0 you'll find the Casa Rosada Government House, Plaza de Mayo, the Cathedral, the Cabildo, the Avenida 9 de Julio, the Obelisk and endless streets and squares inviting you to wander through the city and discover it step by step. Take the opportunity to get started in the art of tango, enjoy a gaucho party and visit the Parana River Delta in the district of Tigre.

Did you know that the habit of signaling the "Km 0" comes from the Romans? We owe it to Emperor Augustus (63 BC -.. 14 AD), who erected a column in the "Miliarium Aureum" (Golden Milestone) departing point of all driveways of his empire. Even today you can see the remains in the Roman Forum. It also derives the famous phrase "All roads lead to Rome".

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Km 0 Argentina

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