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KM 0 Hungary

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KM 0 Hungary

KM 0 Hungary

A three meter high sculpture of limestone in the form of a "zero", this marks this 0 KM point and is located in Budapest. It is the reference point from where all distances are measured to Budapest from any other place in the country. The point was located first at the Buda Royal Palace but when the crossing was built at the Chain Bridge in 1849, it moved to the Clark Ádám tér park. Through the years the monument itself has also changed. The first official, built in 1932, was destroyed in the Second World War. In 1953, a sculpture of a workman was placed on this  point, which was later replaced by the current sculpture.

We have to clarify that many think that it is the geographical center of the country but that has nothing to do with it. Generally a 0 km point marks the starting point of the national roads and sometimes, for example, the railways or they are the center of the land register.


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KM 0 Hungary

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In Budapest you can visit many beautiful buildings, including the Parliament, the Buda Castle, the Fishermen's Bastion, St. Stephen's Basilica. Also do not forget the Chain Bridge, the Boulevard with its shops, the Heroes Square. A cruise on the Danube river is absolutely beautiful, especially in the evening with the glamorous lights of the buildings. It is one of the cities that should not be missing on your list of City Breaks!

Did you know that the habit of signaling "Km 0" comes from the Romans? We have to go back to Emperor Augustus (63 BC - 14 AD) to look for a column in the "Miliarium Aureum" (Golden Milestone) which was made the starting point of all roads of his empire. Even today you can see the remains of it in the Roman Forum. This is where is the famous phrase "All roads lead to Rome" comes from.

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