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Kneiff - Luxembourg highest point

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Kneiff - Luxembourg highest point

Kneiff - Luxembourg highest point

Near another MOSTPOINT, the Northernmost point of Luxembourg, Schmett (Canton Ciervaux), and the small town of Wilwerdange, where you must visit the beautiful church Saint-Lambert and the scenic railway stations, you will find the highest point of Luxembourg. This is the Kneiff ( 1837 ft /  560 m) elevation. Many people believe that the highest point of the country is the hill Buurgplaatz, but this is 3 ft / 1 m less than its neighbor Kneiff, which is the one that really enjoys this distinction. You can get there by driving to the South on the N7 from Schmett and turn right in front of Brasserie K Burigplatz, towards Huldange-Wilwerdange later on the left to Wilwerdange. Once you come out of the forest of pine trees turn left on what looks like a dirt road but is really an asphalted road. The road has a curve to the left and a bit further you will find a stone in the ground that marks the highest point. If you follow the road you come back on the N7 near Brasserie K.

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Kneiff - Luxembourg highest point

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With only 2,586 km2 / 1,697 sq mi, Luxembourg is a small state in Western Europe that concentrates countless tourist attractions. It has extremely short distances; 82 km / 51 mi from north to south and just 57 km / 35 mi from west to east. A unique opportunity to add six MOSTPOINTS to your profile if, in addition to its extremes, you visit this MOSTPOINT and its opposite, the lowest point of this tiny territory. So if you're one of those travelers who enjoy taking the car, or bicycle, not entirely aimlessly and just love enjoying the scenery and stopping at all the interesting sites that get in your way, this could be your next destination. In just four or five days, maybe a few more on bicycle, you have more than enough time to explore its tiny geography with, you will live really nice experiences. Or even conquer all 6 of them in one day. Why not?

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Kneiff - Luxembourg highest point

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Location Kneiff - Luxembourg highest point

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