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La Diagonale des Fous

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La Diagonale des Fous

La Diagonale des Fous

The Diagonale des Fous is part of the prestigious "Ultra Trail World Tour." It is organised since 1989 and involves an exciting and very tough challenge. So tough that those who reach the finish received a yellow shirt with the inscription "I survived". The effort involved in this conquest is the equivalent of eight consecutive marathons with a height difference of 9,000 m / 29,500 ft. So it is not surprising that only 70% of the 2,500 athletes participating in this race get to the end. The tour includes five above 2,000 m peaks, gorges, circuses of Cilaos, Mafate and heavy mud trails in the Kerveguen forests. The starting point is in Saint Philippe, south on the island, and ends in the La Redoute stadium, in Saint Denis, capital of the island. There are three categories: Great Raid (170 km / 105 mi with 9,900 m / 32,500 ft + of altitude) Bourbon Trail (93 km / 58 km with 5600 m / 18,370 ft +) and Mascareña (67 km / 42 mi with 4000 m / 13,124 ft +). All score for "Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc", thus all are valid for adding this MOSTPOINT to your profile.

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To join this MOSTPOINT you must finish any of the three round-trips in the corresponding time limit specified by the organization. When you achieve it, upload a photo of yourself with your race number and finish medal.

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La Diagonale des Fous

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La Reunion is a fascinating tropical island located in the Indian Ocean off Madagascar. It belongs to the Mascarene Islands archipelago and is considered a paradise of trekking by many athletes. There you can enjoy not only wonderful routes on land that is largely virgin, but also heavenly beaches of fine white sand and numerous cultural attractions, like the ones you find in Saint-Denis: the Cathedral, Mosque Noor-e -Islam, the East India Company and the Garden State with its interesting Museum of Natural History.

A minimum score to participate in the Diagonale des Fous is required, and there are six age categories to compete: Promises (18-21 years old on the day of the event), Seniors (22-39 years), Veterans 1 (40- 49 years), Veterans 2 (50-59 years), Veterans 3 (60-69 years) and Veterans 4 (70 and over).

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La Diagonale des Fous

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