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Easternmost point France - Lauterbourg

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Easternmost point France - Lauterbourg

Easternmost point France - Lauterbourg

The easternmost point of France lies in the river Rhine at Gottingen, where the Rhine is the border between France and Germany. The exact Mostpoint can be found at the end of Port du Rhin just northeast of Lauterbourg, where the small river  Alte Lauter flows into the Rhine. Lauterbourg is situated in one of the coldest low-lying areas of France and in the winter, with an eastern wind, it can be very cold to conquer this MOSTPOINT. Spring, autumn and summer are normally very pleasant, with sometimes a summer thunderstorm in the afternoon.

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Easternmost point France - Lauterbourg

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As Lauterbourg formed part of Germany it is connected to the German and French rail network and the small station is worth a visit. Lauterbourg was added to the Third French Republic at the end of the First World War. Therefore it is repeatedly switched from Germany to France but the Alsace clearly has a French heart. It is also a famous wine region and the visit to this MOSTPOINT can therefore be combined with a great wine route.

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Easternmost point France - Lauterbourg

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Location Easternmost point France - Lauterbourg

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