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Lesotho - Highest country of the world

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Lesotho - Highest country of the world


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Lesotho - Highest country of the world

Mostpoint travel challenge the Kingdom of Lesotho is the only independent State in the world entirely on more than 1000 m / 3280 ft above sea level. The lowest point is on 1400 m / 4593 ft and there is no country in the world where this is so high. For this reason it is the highest country in the world. The average altitude is 2161 m / 7090 ft, making Lesotho the highest country on the African continent and is therefore often called "the roof of Africa". The highest point is Thabana Ntlenyana 3482 m / 11424 ft high, which is part of the famous and impressive Drakensberg mountain range. Lesotho is completely surrounded by South Africa. It has but one large city, Maseru, and only 2 million inhabitants. The country offers the most spectacular, rugged and desolate mountain landscapes.

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Lesotho - Highest country of the world

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Visit the Sehlabathebe National Park, on the UNESCO's World Heritage list since 2013. A visit to Lesotho is usually included in a tour of South Africa. Entering Lesotho through the Sani pass (93 km / 58 mi) is the most spectacular route. Through a winding road, you get fantastic views of the Drakensberg. On this route you'll pass the highest pub in Africa at the Sani Mountain Lodge on 2874 m above sea level and the highest point of the country, Thabana Ntlenyana, which means "Beautiful little mountain" and stands at 3,482 m / 11,424 ft high.

In the winter months, June through August, it can freeze up to -10º C at altitudes from about 2000 m / 6500 ft up; in the summer months, november to March, it can be pretty warm with average daytime temperatures of up to 32° C.

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Lesotho - Highest country of the world

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