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Madeira Island Ultra Trail

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Madeira Island Ultra Trail

Madeira Island Ultra Trail

This event is held since 2008 and forms part of the prestigious Ultra Trail World Tour. It takes place on the paradise island of Madeira, located in the Atlantic Ocean 900 km / 560 mi from Portugal and 600 km / 373 mi from Morocco, crossing from north to south through lush forests, dream trails and waterfalls that offer a relaxing background sound to mitigate your effort, which will be quite heavy. There are four runs in linear format nonstop: Miut115 (32 hours), Ultra85 (25 hours), Trail40 (12 hours) and Trail17 (8 hours). Only the first two score for the "Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc", thus being the only valid ones for conquering  this MOSTPOINT. The complete career includes 115 km / 71.5 mi with a vertical drop of 6,850 m / 22,474 ft. The number of participants is limited to 1,600 athletes distributed as follows: 600 for Miut115, 300 for Ultra85, 400 for Trail40 and 300 for Trail17.

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To conquer this MOSTPOINT you must complete the full course of Miut115 or Ultra85 within the time limit specified for each of them. When you get it, upload a photo of yourself with your race number and finish medal.

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Madeira Island Ultra Trail

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The Laurissilva forest, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a natural wonder to visit. If you do the full tour, you will pass through the towns of Calheta, Ponta do Sol, Riberira Brava, São Vicente, Santana, Câmara de Lobos, Funchal and Santa Cruz, starting from Porto Moniz and reaching Machico. This will give you a general idea of how much Madeira has to offer. So take advantage of that and the small size of the island to know it thoroughly.

To participate you must be at least 18 years old on the starting day of the race.

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Madeira Island Ultra Trail

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