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Madrid - Lisbon MTB

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Madrid - Lisbon MTB

Madrid - Lisbon MTB

Can you imagine the great adventure of cycling from the Spanish Km 0 in Madrid to Cabo da Roca, near Lisbon in Portugal? If you add to this that you will conquer three Badges in one go, then this is your challenge!

The route starts at the MOSTPOINT Km 0 of Spain, located in the centre of Madrid at the Puerta del Sol. After that there are 1,230 km / 764 mi with more than 29,500 m accumulated ascent in total and 14 days riding on your mountain bike to the MOSTPOINT that marks the westernmost point of Europe.

In between, you cross the central mountain range of the Iberian peninsula living an experience that has nothing to do with a race. It is not a competition but one of the biggest mountain cycling adventures in Europe which is organized once a year although alternatively it can be arranged for specific groups. With this challenge you nourish your spirit of surmounting and live unique emotional experiences. That's the spirit of this ride: Enjoy the scenery while fighting the harsh terrain each day, conquering two capitals and 15 mountains, feeling the groundswell of people who live their land with passion and share the same way their traditions and customs with anyone who comes to visit.

Forest tracks, gravel roads, climbs with incredible panoramic views, a privileged climate, the cultural richness that history has been planting in these places throughout history, a cuisine rich in nuances to regain strength throughout each day and suitable accommodations to face each day with renewed energy.

BADGE Madrid - Lisbon MTB

You must complete the 1,230 km / 764 mi of the Madrid - Lisbon MTB trail within the time stated by the organisation. Upload pictures of yourself at the starting point: Km 0 of Spain (Madrid), during the voyage and at the end point of it: Cabo da Roca in Portugal.

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Madrid - Lisbon MTB

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Given that the route starts at km 0 of the Spanish road network, do not forget to immortalize yourself next to the plate that certifies it and can be found on the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. Find the file in the category "Extremes of the world" and add that Badge to your profile. Take the opportunity to visit some of the many attractions the city offers. Including the Plaza Mayor, Cibeles, Neptuno, Retiro Park, the Museums of El Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia, Plaza Mayor and Gran Vía.

Once on two wheels you will leave behind you the famous FC Madrid stadium (Santiago Bernabeu) and part of the St James Way that takes you to the beautiful Sierra de Guadarrama, part of the Spanish central mountain range. In successive days you will discover Avila, the Gredos mountains, the Sierra de Gata and, already in Portuguese territory, Sabugal, Sortelha, Manteigas, Serra da Estela, Castanheira de Pera, Tomar -city of Templars- and finally the Atlantic Ocean, arriving at the exact point where the European continent is delivered to its waters, the Cabo da Roca. Make a photo of yourself at the lighthouse, find in "Extremes of the world" the file and add this MOSTPOINT to your profile. Then set off to discover the nearby charming but also vibrating city of Lisbon and beautiful and noble Cascais.

To ride this route, you must be trained to ride daily distances of about 100 km / 60 mi. Upcoming Challenges Madrid - Lisbon MTB: 10 - 24 June 2017.

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Madrid - Lisbon MTB

Location Madrid - Lisbon MTB

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  • It is a great ride and you see loads of Spanish and Portugese places that you wouldn´t see otherwise.
  • I participated o the most challenging tour of Portugal Nature Trails, Madrid Lisboa by mtb, a 15 days challenge through ...
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      Thank you for your experience, it really makes my curious!

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