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Marathon des Sables

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Marathon des Sables

Marathon des Sables

This ultramarathon, part of the “Ultra Trail World Tour” is considered by many the hardest running race on the planet. It is also known as Marathon of the Sands and Sahara Marathon. Participants must travel 250 km (155.35 miles) for 6 days through the desert of the Moroccan Sahara in the  south of the country, with temperatures that can reach 50°C during the day  and -10°C / 14 F at night. The terrain is hostile as few others with dunes, volcanic areas, dry river beds and sand, lots of sand. The race is performed in stages and participants should be self-sufficient,  meaning they not only bear their equipment but also their own supplies, including 12,000 calories in food at the beginning of the test. The organization only provides water. For most participants, except the professionals, it is a non competitive event. For them the most important thing is to get to the end, the typical MOSTPOINT spirit. So the entire atmosphere in the overnight camps and along the route is fellowship and healthy living together.

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Marathon des Sables

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After an effort like that all you probably want is to go back home. If not, and you still have forces for tourism, take a tour of Ouarzazate, the valleys of Dades and Todra.

To qualify, the organization requires a resistance test certified by a doctor. A MOSTPOINT for intrepids. If you are one, go ahead, but don’t be too confident. Be prudent and prepare everything thoroughly. It is an ultra endurance competition that requires not only hard physical and mental training, but also a backpack that is convenient to prepare with the help of experts.

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Marathon des Sables

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