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Mongolia Bike Challenge

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Mongolia Bike Challenge

Mongolia Bike Challenge

Want to compete in a MTB career in the land of Genghis Khan? This is your chance! A competition in which only 108 people can participate.

900 km / 559 mi divided into 7 daily stages. A seven-day route that changes every year. Each route lay out takes hours of painstaking work on the ground. So it never disappoints. The scenery is always impressive. Crystalline rivers, green valleys, breathtaking peaks ... pedaling accompanied by eagles, wild yaks, horses and even Mongol warriors. An unforgettable experience.

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Mongolia Bike Challenge

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Located between Russia and China, Mongolia is a country with a surface of around a million and a half km2 / 930,000 sq mi. The steppe, mountains and the Gobi desert are the cause that a third of the population lives in its capital, Ulan Bator. There you can not miss the Square Sükhbaatar where independence from China was proclaimed in 1921, the Khiid Gandan and Chojin Lama Buddhist monasteries, the Bogd Khan Museum and the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, Karakorum. Close to the city you will find the world's oldest park, Bodg Khan. There you can walk, ride a horse and climb the mountain of the same name. From the top you get fantastic panoramic views.

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Mongolia Bike Challenge

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