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Mount Aragats - Highest peak in Armenia

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Mount Aragats - Highest peak in Armenia

Mount Aragats - Highest peak in Armenia

With its 4,095 m / 13,435 ft, Mount Aragats stands as the highest point of Armenia. It is an extinct volcano located about 70 km / 43 mi from the capital, Yerevan.

It has actually 4 peaks, of which the northern one is the real MOSTPOINT. When you go out to conquer it, you first you reach a false summit. From there, you walk about 200 m / 660 ft along a narrow path on which it is advisable to use ropes, to reach the authentic ceiling of Armenia.

Technically it offers no complications but rapid climate changes combined with altitude, can turn this climb into a hard experience.

Basically there are two paths. One is from the Aragats village located 1,800 m / 5,900 ft high. It then involves a steep climb of 2,200 m / 7,200 ft which experienced mountaineers can tackle in one day, returning at night to the starting point which is about 5 or 6 hours from the summit. In winter, you can come back skiing which is obviously faster.

The second alternative, frequently used, begins at Lake Kari at 3,200 m / 10,500 ft. This point is located about 70 km / 43 mi from Yerevan, and can be reached by car, passing through the village of Burakan. Note that this route is normally impassable from November to late May although you can do it on skis up to the lake the first day, allowing you to come down quickly back to the lake or even to Burakan the second, or walk with snowshoes which will imply 1 day to the lake, a second to the summit and a third back to the village. The return to the lake from the peak demands some 4 hours walking under normal circumstances.

Conquering the Aragats in summer is also fantastic adventure if you stay in tents for  the night in the crater and walk all the four peaks.

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Mount Aragats - Highest peak in Armenia

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What else is there
Armenia is geographically located between Asia and Europe, but from a historical and political view, is entirely European. Its hectic past dates back to prehistory, having subsequently been home to Sumerians, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines and countless civilizations that left their footprints embodied in it. It was occupied and invaded on numerous occasions, it formed part of the Soviet Union and after several conflicts, finally won its independence in 1991.
This intense history has made it worthy to be on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO both with places as with intangible assets. Included are the Cathedral and Churches of Echmiadzin, the monasteries of Geghard, Haghpat and Sanahin, the archaeological remains of Zvartnots and the sensitive melody of its wonderful native oboe, the duduk.
In Yerevan do not miss the Republic square with its particular Clock tower, the Opera House and the St Gregory Cathedral.
In Burakan, visit the church of Vahramashen and the Observatory, where you can enjoy an interesting tour with an astronomer.
On the slopes of Aragats, about 6,5 km from the village and about four hours walk from lake Kari, are the ruins of the Amberd Fortress, a construction of the seventh century known as the "Castle in the clouds" and well worth a visit.
Also go to the Khor Virap monastery, well known pilgrimage site near the Turkish border, with beautiful views on the Aragats and the Noravank monastery located in a narrow gorge some 122 km / 76 mi from Yerevan.

Paragliding has become popular in Armenia. Look for a local operator tof andem flights and return home with another Badge on your profile that you can find among "Unique experiences” MOSTPOINTS.

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Mount Aragats - Highest peak in Armenia

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