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Mount Kenya

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Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa. Many consider it the most beautiful African mountain. It has several peaks and all of them are valid to add this Badge to your profile: Batian (5,199 m / 17,057 ft), Nelyon (5,188 m / 17,021ft) and Lenana (4,985 m / 16,355ft). The first two are suitable only for seasoned mountaineers as there is rock climbing involved, while the latter can be achieved with a four days trek that does not involve great technical difficulty, except for the height.

Note that the price for access to Mount Kenya is less than required for its big brother, the Kilimanjaro. The surrounding landscape and local wildlife is considered by many to be richer than the surroundings of the highest peak of the African continent.


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Mount Kenya

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The Mount Kenya National Park offers a wide variety of ecosystems among which are included clears and meadows of grasses and rushes. As for the wildlife, you will find from small moles and shrews up to antelopes, zebras, elephants and leopards. You can complete your adventure with a walking safari, ballooning, horse riding or visit any of the other National Parks of the country like the Masai Mara Reserve or Aberdare.

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Mount Kenya

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