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Mud walking

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Mud walking

Mud walking

Wadlopen is walking across the bottom of the Wadden Sea at low tide, a protected natural area between the continental Netherlands and Germany and the northern islands. It is a kind of lowlands variation of mountain hiking because walking through the mud is considerably harder than on hard and flat ground. The tours all have a time limit and these are  inextricably linked to the Wadden mudwalking because of the tides. These make it possible that you can actuall walk on the sea bottom but at the same time ensure that there is pressure on the speed of walking. This along with the variability of the weather make it an exciting and even unique experience; a true lowlands Mostpoint. It is a beautiful and environmentally friendly activity. There are circular treks on the wad itself and crossing trips to the islands with different distances and difficulty, from some 3 km to about 10-15 km that take 3 to 4 hours. Do not be afraid to get dirty! A guide is mandatory in the Netherlands and highly recommended in Germany.

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Mud walking

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Mud walking

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