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Paragliding tandem

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Paragliding tandem

Paragliding tandem

A unique experience that you can conquer without previous experience. All you need is eagerness to see the world at your feet and a specialized paragliding center that has qualified pilots licensed to fly in tandem.

This type of paragliders with security measures, provide a very stable flight and engage. The proof is that most people who try want to repeat. Many even start courses to deepen the practice of this sport until they can fly solo.

The duration of Paragliding tandem baptism flights depends on weather conditions and the desires of each passenger, but generally ranges from 10 to 30 minutes.

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Paragliding tandem

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The practice of this sport has become internationally popular. Logically, the more beautiful the landscape the more spectacular views from the air. Contemplating the Aragats from the heights in Armenia or the Dolomites in the Italian Alps, appreciate the immensity of the Sahara in Morocco, look down and search every corner of the Pyrenean valleys located between France and Spain, flying over the contrasts offered by the Portuguese Atlantic beaches , see Cape Town in South Africa from heaven, discover from another point of view the Pacific islands, the lush beauty of South America, the Mexican Caribbean paradise, the Grand Canyon in United States ... the list is endless. The important thing is you can probably conquer this Badge and add it to your profile near your place of habitual residence and who knows what happens next? Perhaps seeing things from above, you discover some new MOSTPOINT out there to conquer. Take the inspiration of the moment and suggest one. Mostpointers from around the world await your proposals.


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Paragliding tandem

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