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Paramotor tandem

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Paramotor tandem

Paramotor tandem

A propeller engine, a paraglider and wind. That's all you need to conquer this MOSTPOINT. Well, that and a professional instructor. The experience is worth it. Seeing the world from the air has always been one of the obsessions of mankind. Today there are several disciplines that allow to emulate birds and help you to enjoy the landscape from above. From the quiet balloon flight to the dizzying basejump - both MOSTPOINTS too. This is also one of them.


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Paramotor tandem

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Wherever you live, surely the perception of your land varies from the air and if you're on vacation in one of the privileged places of our planet, search for a Paramotor center. Surely you will find an authorized one that allows you to conquer this Badge. Do not hesitate: By flying paramotor you have the beauty of the earth at your feet.

Legislation about this sport is very controversial. There are different federations that govern this practice. Check at your place of residence, as the rules vary from country to country. In some countries paramotor falls into the category of ultralight while in others it is not considered an aircraft.

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Paramotor tandem

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MOSTPOINT available world wide<br>
MOSTPOINT available world wide

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