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Parasailing or parascending

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Parasailing or parascending

Parasailing or parascending

Parasailing is a fun Mostpoint challenge that can be found in many "bucket lists". A unique experience to be enjoyed at least once in life time. It is a way of flying parachute and a similar experience as ballooning, another Mostpoint.

Parasailing is the most used name in the world for this activity but is for example also known in Spanish as Paravelismo or just Parachute on the beaches of Mexico. In English it can be Parascending, Paraboating or Parakiting.

More than a sport it is a recreational activity that can be found at many beaches and big lakes around the world, giving you the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views over the landscape. Now you can be the drone.


When you get on the boat you get a life jacket and harness on. The crew also prepares the parachute to open it quickly when the moment comes. Once on the water they put you in position and when the boat has caught speed the crew opens the parachute and starts dropping the rope that connects the boat with the parachute. You feel a slight pull and start flying. As the boat accelerates the parachute will rise making you fly higher. The boat will not go very fast as this makes the parachute come down. Boats and crew are usually prepared for one to four people flying at the time for some 15 minutes, reaching a height of 60 to 150 meters.


Parasailing is considered a safe activity for which you do not need permits or special knowledge. The crew of course needs to know what they do, have their papers in order and be able to assess when you can not get out or go higher because of the weather, especially strong winds. For that reason we also recommend not to wait with Parasailing until the last day of your stay. It would be a shame to lose the challenge.

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Parasailing or parascending

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There is also the land parasailing that has become a competitive accuracy sport in Europe, especially in Finland. In this mode the parasail is towed to maximum height behind a car or snowmobile. The driver then releases the tow line and the parasailer flies down to an area marked on the ground.

Wear comfortable clothes, sunglasses and suncream. Note that at a height of 100 m it can get colder and the sun rays are brighter than on the beach. Children from 6 - 10 years onwards, depending on what the crew decides, can only be part of this activity accompanied by an adult.

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Parasailing or parascending

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