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Polar Circle Marathon

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Polar Circle Marathon

Polar Circle Marathon

Known as the world's coldest, the Marathon of the Arctic Circle takes place in a wonderful setting that combines brilliant white snow with the sheen of ice and the rich colors of the Arctic tundra, offering you the possibility to add an impressive MOSTPOINT.

There are two types: marathon and half marathon. In the last edition, the races were conducted on separate days, so that all participants have the possibility to run both races and thus completing the "Polar Bear Challenge".

The route is set out on gravel tracks gravel covered, at least mostly, by snow and ice, withstanding temperatures of -10 ° C. The maximum time to complete the marathon is 7 hours. All runners who do not succeed are collected by official vehicles and taken to the finish.

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Polar Circle Marathon

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On the outskirts of the small town of Kangerlussuaq, located in a fjord of over 150 km / 90 mi in length, you'll see some of the oxen that inhabit the area. In Sisimiut Holsteintein, beside beautiful trekking routes, you will find colonial buildings and a curious museum decorated with jaws of whales.

To participate in this marathon you must have a minimum 18 years on the day of the race.

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