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Technical Requirements

Before proposing a MOSTPOINT check that it meets the following requirements:

Be aware that it is not about winning competitions but about participating in challenging experiences that test your spirit of overcoming.

A MOSTPOINT must comply with all of the following rules:

- It must be a challenge that shares the MOSTPOINT spirit and its conquest should be considered a pride for the Mostpointers community.

- A MOSTPOINT must be repeatable and accessible to others.

- A MOSTPOINT must be in the field of Adventure, Sports or Travel.

- A MOSTPOINT must be clearly identifiable.

- A MOSTPOINT must demand a physical effort. Traveling is here also valid as such.

In addition, a MOSTPOINT must also meet at least one of the following requirements:

- Belong to the field of travel, adventure or adventure sports

- Be a real or imaginary, geographic extreme point of the world, a continent or a country, being scientifically and/or politically recognized when it is a border.

- Being an officially recognized competition open to non-professionals

- Being an original route, clearly identified and open to the public.

- Being a course that can be identified as an achievement related to adventure sports or travel, supported by some expert organization or authority.

Specific requirements for each category:

  • Extreme points: it must be an extreme geographic point, real or imagined, of the world, a continent or a country and geographically or politically recognized when it is a border.
  • Marathon: for running, skiing and all other sports, only the full marathon (42.195 km / 26,219 mi) is contemplated, being invalidated lower distances
  • Ultra and trail. It should be a at least longer than a standard marathon.
  • Triathlon. This must include the three different disciplines that are contemplated (running, cycling and swimming) and the various distances should not be inferior to those contemplated by what is understood as the Olympic distance.
  • Mountaineering. A MOSTPOINT may be the highest peak of a continent, region, country, mountain range or it may belong to an international series of summits or be part of another series of summits which altogether constitute a MOSTPOINT. Otherwise it should concern a mountain which renowned reputation or unique features makes it worthy of this distinction. Define your proposal in great detail.
  • Hiking. It must be a trail that requires a significant effort of walking in normal circumstances for experienced walkers, can be accessed by the public and is clearly identified.
  • Great routes. These can be routes by train, boat, car or motorbike, never by plane, and should have a significant extension, a recognized special attraction, be clearly identified and marked and accessible to the public.
  • Cycling routes. They must be accessible to the public, have a significant extent and require an important effort from an experienced cyclist and be clearly identifiable.
  • Tours of cycling, skating and other They should be accessible to nonprofessionals as it is about experiencing the tour and not about winning, but of course professionals may also add the badge on their profile if they have finished in the top positions. A tour should have a significant length, a time limit, and be regulated by a recognized organization and comply with all applicable legal requirements.
  • Unique experience. It concerns an outstanding experience with a significant impact in the field of travel, sports and / or adventure. Any Mostpointer who wants to do so, should be able conquer it under normal conditions and it must not be necessary to repeat it to be able to add the Badge to their profile.
  • Whitewater. It must be a challenge in rivers that include at least one part with difficulty level 2 or higher. Different sports are allowed to conquer it, like kayaking or rafting. If your proposal is another please define it clearly.
  • Hiking events. One day events must cover a total minimum distance of approximately a marathon (42 km / 26 mi). Multiple day walking events should cover at least a medium of 15 km a day.
  • Challenges BTT / MTB. It has to be an off-road route for the most part, with a minimum respectable distance that takes at least a number of days to ride.

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